Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Ruff Stuff

Yesterday Gav refound that pale female Wigeon from Jan 1st. It was on Bridge Marsh - and I can't believe it has been here all this time without being seen!!!

I have to say, despite no contrast between the grey neck and orange breast, I think it does look good for American Wigeon. Just need to see the underwings now! No sign of it - or many Wigeon at all - today.

The only birding I managed today was an hour out from 16:00. Bridge Marsh was THE place, with masses of Lapwing on show. Amongst them, two Golden Plover weren't that much of a surprise, but eight Ruff were! The Axe always seem to do well for this species when it gets a bit cold - which I'm very happy about because I think they are stunning waders!

The Estuary showed 124 Dunlin, a few Barwits, but nothing obvious new in.

Earlier whilst I was in the garden, a
Lesser Redpoll flew over - regular enough over here in the autumn but a true rarity in the winter months.

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