Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The First Hint Of Spring?

I've been away for a couple of nights - I had a few bird surveys to do near Plymouth (though just over the Cornish border).

This morning, just before I began the journey back home, I had a quick look off Torpoint. There's a small flock of pale-bellied Brent Geese wintering here, and two of them are colour-ringed. I've not seen them close enough to read the rings though, so I dropped in this morning on the off chance they were nearer....they were about a mile away as usual! It was certainly a worthwhile stop though, as I noticed this just offshore...

A Sandwich Tern!

This is the first February Sandwich Tern I've ever seen... Sand Martins and Wheatears next :-)

I was back on patch by midday, and had a bit of a look about before coming home. First stop was Lower Bruckland Ponds, where at last (this winter) there was a diving duck...

A female Tufty

I wonder if she came from the diving duck flock at Chard Gravel Pits!??

Also in this look about, a Knot and ten Ruff. But that's about it!

I forgot to mention on this blog that last Friday a flock of 16 Gadwall were grazing on Colyford Marsh - including ten drakes. That's a bloody big flock for us!

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