Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Fifth Season

It's not winter, and it's not spring!

Every year, the temperature seems to increase and we get some lovely warm and pleasant days towards the end of winter, spring feels like it is just round the corner....WRONG! We then get 'x' amount of weeks of blasting cold northerlies! From inside looking out it all looks very nice, but when you actually go out - you realise how wrong you were! I call this time of year "spring my arse".

This flipping wind (along with the freezing night time temperatures) is why there has been no more moth trapping since my first two attempts of the year last week. Saying that though, tomorrow night Garden Moth Scheme begins, so I am putting the Robinson out whatever the weather.

Anyway, this is what I have been up to over the past couple of days...

Yesterday, we had a few hours of ringing at Colyford WTW. Blackbirds seemed to be everywhere here, we caught loads! But the highlight of the ringing session was this...

A beautifully marked Treecreeper

Now to today, the river valley showed a Brent Goose (with the Canade Geese - rather notable), the Bewick's Swan and Greylag Goose still, two adult Med Gulls and the usual Blackwits...

Note the distinctive reddish tints to some of them - more false hope that it's spring!

This birding used up pretty much all the spare time I've had today, as this morning I enjoyed a lovely drive up to Tiverton and back. It was a really beautiful drive, the blue skies making our county looking especially stunning.

So why did I go to Tiverton? I hear you ask... Well it was to collect this...

An ex-Hoopoe!

This bird spent a couple of days in a Tiverton garden before Christmas - but succumbed during the cold weather. Luckily, they've been kind enough to keep it in the freezer until I finally pulled my finger out and went up and collected it!

They downer is (apart from the fact it's dead!), is that on its left leg is...

A purple, very non wild looking, bird ring

If anyone can help as to where this ring (and bird!) may have come from, then please drop me a note/call/email/comment....

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