Monday, 21 March 2011


As I'm sure you will have seen by now from other local blogs, this afternoon we were graced by a (twitchable!) Hoopoe. A nice pre-work distraction - and certainly worthy of a second blog post :-)

As you will also have already read, Bun's nephew found it in Axmouth, whilst walking home from his school bus. The local grapevine worked well, with almost all patch birders on site within twenty minutes!

At first, although we all saw it, the views were quite frustrating...

In coming!

Until it landed long enough for me to rattle off three (very distant) shots...

At least in this photo it is identifiable!

It quickly flew up and off though, and went missing for another twenty minutes. The assembled birders spread out a little, then all of a sudden, Bun relocated it on a small lawn right in the middle of us...

A little closer

It remained here for a minute or two before flying over the main road. A little later though, after I'd left, it was back in roughly the same spot.

Hopefully this is a 'taster' of the spring ahead of us....

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