Thursday, 10 March 2011

More Summer Migrants!

A quick look about late this morning revealed two Sand Martins at Lower Bruckland Ponds. I always find it tricky to photo hirundines, especially in dull light, and these two never came that low. Still....'s one of them! You can see what it is at least!

Also saw a couple of adult summer Med Gulls on the Estuary and the Bewick's Swan still opposite Stedcombe Vale.

The Tesco building site has been mentioned on the other local birding blogs recently, so I must say something about it on here......there you go - that was it!

I have got to post this photo though. This chap was sat on this chair for the whole half hour I was along the Estuary yesterday, he was probably sat there all day! He must have the easiest job in the world...

Mind you - it doesn't look all that much fun! I wonder if he is guarding whatever is in those white bags!?

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