Friday, 24 September 2010

Raptor Bonanza!

The Osprey was fishing again this morning on the Estuary. I've not heard back yet about its ringing details, but it looks like it is going to turn out to be a Swedish bird! It certainly isn't from Scotland - which is what I think we all just 'presume'.

From the Farm Gate sometime between 9 and 10am, a Marsh Harrier appeared from the south and spent about half an hour perched on the ground in full view, which was nice....

My third of the year

For the rest of today I have been stuck behind this computer - something I am going to have to get used too! Mind you, I did get an interesting e-mail drop in my inbox...

Remember this post here....

I spent a night Storm Petrel ringing at Hartland Point. We caught six of them, and one was already ringed....

"Storm Petrel 2648806 was trapped and ringed at Gwennap Head (Porthgwarra, Cornwall) on 22/5/09"

So, not an incredible recovery - in fact only a year and two days between captures - but still, always fascinating.

Lastly, after I posted yesterday, with the photos of the Western Conifer Seed Bugs, I went upstairs and there was one in the bathroom sink!! It IS an invasion!!!!!

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