Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The Frustration Of Patch Birding!

With Budleigh sinking under the weight of Glossy Ibis, and many other sites being inundated with scarcities, today has been highly frustrating! I have walked, pished, scanned, booted, and stomped so many bits of habbo today...I know there is a Wryneck out there somewhere with my name on it, but WHERE ARE YOU!??

Black Hole Marsh first thing this morning showed it was nearly full of water again! There's still plenty of waders here though, with a Knot new in...

As you can see - it was tipping down with rain!

The six Little Stints from the previous night were still bombing about the place, with a Curlew Sandpiper, two Greenshank, two Green Sands and two Blackwits making up the rest of the notable waders list. On the Estuary the single Barwit remains, and I shall mention the 14 Common Terns that flew south here yesterday afternoon during a rain shower.

Axe Cliff revealed the Dotterel still and I'm pleased to report I finally got some snaps of it....

What a peach of a bird! I kinda like the bottom photo best, even though it is more distant

The most numerous migrant today has been Wheatear - I've seen loads, with some everywhere I went. Other migrants I've seen include three White and two Yellow Wags at Axe Cliff and three Spotted Flycatchers behind Beer Cem...

Here's two of them, one in the sun and one not!!!

There was a slight improvement in the day when a Spoonbill was found on the Estuary. Early afternoon I was enjoying it from the road side opposite Seaton Marshes hide...

Always good value :-)

I have a horrible split shift tomorrow, so probably won't have any time for birding. Maybe that is wise as I need a re-charge....

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