Monday, 13 September 2010

Here They Are.... There They Go....

'Hello And Goodbye' and 'Blink And You'd Have Missed Them' were two other options for this post title...

Finally the Glossy Ibis from the Otter (well 18 of them) decided to come our way - unfortunately though they didn't stop!!!

I was on Axe Cliff looking for Lap Bunts when the call came in that they had just flown east over Beer Head. I wasn't in the best spot, but soon picked them up in the bins flying north east into the river valley. But almost as soon as I picked them up, I lost them....

I hot footed down to the farm gate to scan over the river valley, no sign of them here, but did have a nice surprise in the form of a cream-crowned Marsh Harrier...

Eventually the Crows chased it off northwards - bloody things!

Black Hole Marsh also drew a blank for Ibis. All that I noted here were singles of Knot, Greenshank, Curlew Sandpiper, two Little Stints and a Barn Owl that finally appeared to go to roost at 08:40!

He/she obviously approves of the new hide under construction!

A few more scans over various bits of the valley suggested the Ibis didn't pitch down, and a message that has just come over Birdguides confirms this.... they just circled over Dungness in Kent!! That is incredible - what speed have they been flying at???

I'm pleased to report Meadow Pipits have started, with a decent passage over work yesterday morning in the sunshine. There seemed to be fewer this morning...and by the way...I never did find a Lap!

The only other bird I've seen today that is worthy of mention was the smart Hobby over Lower Bruckland Ponds mid morning.

A bird that really isn't worthy of mention is Wryneck - as however much I look for one - I can't bloody find one! I even went to see one that has already been found (Waggs Plot), but it didn't show for me. Although I think they are stunning birds....I am beginning to really hate them!!

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