Monday, 20 September 2010

Quiet Skies

I was planning to hit Axe Cliff early this morning, and I did! But a ten minute watch by the car showed how wrong I was!

With good visibility, only high cloud and a light sw wind, I thought the 'vis mig show' today would be good one - but in reality there was next to nothing. I guess the rain in the night may have had something to do with it!

Instead I gave Black Hole Marsh a look where one Lapwing, four Ringed Plover, 30 Dunlin, two Greenshank, two Redshank, one Green Sandpiper and two Yellow Wagtails were on show. Am still waiting for the yank... (with Spot Sands turning up everywhere at the moment, I do hope it is one of these and not 'just another' Pec!)

Continuing the wading bird theme, the Estuary today has shown 15 Black and (a locally good count of) nine Bar-tailed Godwits.

The Osprey so far today has been seen fishing twice, although the second time it gave up without a meal. I presume that was because of the pack of corvids chasing it...

my second hopeless photo of a locally scarce large raptor being chased away but our local bullies in a week!

I did go back up to Axe Cliff, booting the fields for a Lap.... I did get a Bunting that wasn't at all Yellow.... but it was just a Reed!

Everywhere I went today gave me the impression that no migrants at all made land-fall during the night. So I was very surprised to find a Redstart at Lower Bruckland Ponds late morning - my first ever here! Two Yellowhammers in small trees near the lower pond were also a LBP's first for me. Still no Wryneck though...

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  1. Steve you should have waited for just a few more minutes! The Osprey came back just after 15:30. Flew around for about 20 minutes before eventually catching a fish and disappearing over the hills again. Some of my pics will be up on my blog shortly (even if they were pretty distant).