Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A Big Fat Patch Tick

...and I mean that literally!

About half an hour after I received a text from Ian Mc this morning, I was stood in the corner of a certain field up Beer Head alongside Dave Helliar with our scopes lined up... another half hour later and BINGO...

Up popped the Corn Bunting, and spent the next five minutes on view amongst a dozen or so of its yellower cousins. It didn't stay settled on any one branch for long though - hence why I have no photos! And when it disappeared after this five minute view, it didn't show again up until when we both left (40 minutes later).

I have to say, I don't think it is as 'grotty' as Gav made out! It's a smart juvenile sporting a rather stripey face with a great big honker and a pair of lovely pink legs! What's the saying...'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. One thing it certainly is though is FAT! I swear I saw the entire hedge compress when it landed on top!

To prevent this being a photo-less post, from something big brown and (ok, a little) bland, to something small orange and (very) beautiful...

Small Copper

This was a welcome distraction at Lower Bruckland Ponds from my continued failure in finding my own Wryneck! I could list all the places I have looked for one today....but shan't!

Actually whilst butterflies are in my head, I've seen three Clouded Yellows on patch within the last five days. I've been meaning to mention these over the last few days but keep forgetting!

Last night, I had a moth trap out in the front garden. Total waste of time; 8 Setaceous Hebrew Character, 2 Lesser Yellow Underwing and singles of Large Yellow Underwing and Flounced Rustic. All I want is one of these....

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