Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Just A Few Moths

I think last night was only the second time I've had a moth trap out so far this month! The conditions haven't been great and I've just had alot else on. But the couple of times I have trapped have shown enough for me to ask "Just where are all the Large Yellow Underwings!???"

Last night got me just 44 moths of 11 species. There was a first for the garden though, one I really should have got at the end of last summer, it just never came...

Rosy Rustic

The other 43 moths were: 15 Setaceous Herbrew Character, 11 Vine's Rustic, 8 Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, 2 Shuttle-shaped Dart, 2 Dark Sword Grass, and singles of: Black Arches, Single-dotted Wave, Brimstone, Magpie and Large Yellow Underwing.

To pad this post out just a little more, here's the two immigrants from that list...

Dark Sword Grass x2

Yesterday, a morning wander in the fields behind Beer Cemetery showed there were zilch migrants about!

Later on in the day, Blackhole Marsh offered the same selection of waders as previous days, but now three Greenshank and no dodgy Redshank! (it has probably morphed into its green-legged cousin now!!)

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