Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Oh What A Grey Day!

It's been drizzly and grey pretty much all day today, not nice. I started at Branscombe where the sea was lumpier than I was hoping, so picking things up on the sea was pretty tricky. Eight Common Scoters and two Red-throated Divers flew west, with another three Red-throats on the sea with a few small Razorbill flocks.

After this, an estuary sweep revealed little, though this made it a tad more interesting...


A little closer

The chopper was hovering over an abandoned canoe on the salt marsh, they stayed for a few minutes, then headed off back towards Exeter.

Lower Bruckland Ponds showed just one drake Tufted Duck, then I headed for Trinity Hill. I saw at least three Crossbills, but all were brief so couldn't get any photos, will try again on a brighter day. Nice to see plenty of Siskins too, including one male song-flighting.

On the way back to Seaton, I stopped off to see both the Bewick's and Whooper Swans. The swan flock are very hard to get a look at, but after a bit of scrambling about I got a good view of the whole flock...

Best viewed from the A358 near to that farm at the back

Whooper looking left and Bewick's looking right...and looking titchy!

Another look along the estuary later on revealed six adult Med Gulls, which was nice. Now time for a couple of random photos...

Whenever I slow down to take photos of any road side raptors they ALWAYS take off, like this...

Three Buzzards also did this to me today!

And MY last picture of the day (but not THE last picture) is this rather smart Cormorant fishing on the estuary...

A nice white headed one. This will probably be the only photo you'll ever see of a Cormorant on this blog! Unless one of the Double-crested variety ends up here, or if I get a photo of a White-tailed Eagle tackling one to it's death!!!

Lastly I must show this lovely photo sent to me today, taken by Catharine Willerton on Sunday evening showing the convoy of trams I was a part of the night before...

Cracking photo!! Thankyou Catharine :-)

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