Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Bye Bye Swarovskis...

I finally got round to sending my bins off for repair today. Hope they come back soon, cuz for now I've got to use these...

They cost me about £40!!

For their price they are okay, but as I'm so used to using Swarovskis I really REALLY struggled with them this afternoon. I nearly threw them out the car at least three times, and in the sea once!!!

Now to today's birdie news, and this morning a flooded Colyford Common/Marsh revealed two Green Sands and a drake Tufted Duck, the first one I've seen since the cold spell ended. A quick look at the sea afterwards showed 13 Common Scoters and ten Great Crested Grebes.

Later on in the day, I had a look through the Gulls. Six adult Med Gulls were nice to see, two of these bearing white colour-rings. One was old friend '3P65' (see Gav's blog for full details of his movements), but the other, a bird I don't think I've seen before '3N93'. Have reported the sighting and will post details of the bird when I get them...

There seems to be lots of Common Gulls about at moment, so I set about counting them. After a look on the sea at Seaton Hole, a sweep of the estuary, and a vigil from the farm gate 'til dark, I finished up with 277. Still no Ring-billed though....

Saturday is my next day off work, I hope to spend it trying out my new toy. Just hope it arrives in time...


  1. I agree about going backwards in bins terms Steve! I have some anti-mugging bins I use on the local patch (I live in east London), really don't like them as much as the ones I use when I'm out with others or on reserves where there is safety is numbers. But I refuse to lose my Leicas again, so there it is. Enjoy the camera. Try to stay away from Gulls......

  2. Thanks Jonathan. It is just what your eyes get used to I suppose. If I hadn't looked through a pair of bins ever before then my spare pair would be GREAT! But I have...and they aren't!!!

    I will enjoy the camera but nothing could keep me away from Gulls I'm afraid, far too much potential in there to ignore!!!

  3. snob! as you well know my bins are 30 years old, missing a eyepiece rim & are a nightmare but with 3 ids and a mortgage nowt I can do :-)
    shame you didnt pick up yesterday morning - was surrounded by calling red grouse - awesome, no need for any bins!!!

  4. Very much enjoyed wandering through your B(ird)log, Steve.
    I've been resident in Ontario for many years now but was born in Taunton and used to go to Seaton sometimes with a dingy with my parents.Worked in Taunton for a time after graduation and kept a sail boat on the River Exe....loved it there. sail during the day and pints in Topsham at night.
    As a 13yr old in somerset I was a fanatic bird watcher ( saw Bohemian waxwings in our garden during the 63-64 winter.....ask your parents about it !!) I can still remember the thrill.
    I've just reconnected with this passion only a few months ago. I've always been interested in watching birds but realized I couldn't recognise 80% of what was flying by.....thus I've added about 8 "lifers" in 3 months.
    Last week took delivery of a 2nd hand ( but pristine) Kowa 883 and am learning how to use it and so have enjoyed seeing what you've been able to do.
    I live right on the Grand River in Paris, Ontario and we have bald Eagles sitting in the trees behind us....often see Osprey too.
    Good Luck and keep blogging....also come and visit Point Pelee sometime !