Wednesday 16 September 2009

A VERY Beneficial Shopping Trip!

Still have very limited time for birding at the moment - all a bit crazy really!! Mid morning I realised I desperately needed a trip to Tesco, so off I went. I wasn't in here long, only about ten minutes, but got what was needed. And no Gav - it wasn't just doughnuts and cakes!!!

Driving home, I always go the estuary way, and I nearly never drive past the 'Farm Gate' near Axmouth without stopping for a quick scan. I did just that. With the bins I could see a small wader on the river below, so got the telescope out to inspect... it was a Common Sand. I pulled the scope up a little to have a look over Blackhole Marsh, though it is about half a mile away from the Farm Gate!

I could see a Lapwing, and something else with it... hmmmm....

Almost immediately I knew something wasn't right, and when it started moving - I REALLY knew something wasn't right. It was starting to look like (a very distant!)
Pec Sand! I jumped back in to the car and zoomed round to Blackhole Marsh - much to my annoyance though I must add as I really didn't have the time!

I ditched the car, ran down the track, scope out...a cracking juv PEC SAND! : ) I put the news out and waited 'til the first birder arrived - which was Gav - then had to promptly leave. I'm glad to say it stayed put all day, and plenty of birders have been over to see it.

Before Gav arrived I fired off some record shots. They are VERY bad record shots, I'm sure there's lots more better photos about, but it's gotta be done...

I said they were bad!! My seventh on patch Pec

It just shows though, even the briefest of looks can reveal a goodie.... you just never know....

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