Friday 18 September 2009

Some More Exciting Birding....Or Not

I hate work.... I don't hate my work (well mostly I do, but not always!).... I just hate work because it gets in the way of all the important things.... like birding!

But whilst I've been stuck in the shop have I been missing much???... Going by what I have seen when I have been out over the last two days... NO! Which is the right answer : )

Yesterday, my 12 hour day didn't start 'til 10am, so I started the day with a seawatch. There were no 'sea birds' on the move, but plenty of passerines. Swallows, House Martins and Meadow Pipits were streaming east through the bay, along with a nice Hobby. A Teal flew west with two Shelduck - but that was as good as it got over the waves. On the beach was this nice Wheatear...

All Wheatears are nice (especially if the are black and white... even more so if they are just Black!!!)

I then gave Blackhole Marsh a quick scan. The Pec Sand was still there, and at least 260 Teal represented a very good count for the patch... still no Blue-winged... or Garganey even!

Now to today, which should be my day-off... I'm going to work in a minute : (

Seawatching was as bad as it was yesterday, and made even poorer by much fewer passerines on the move. A beach walk made things a bit better with seven Ringed Plovers, five Dunlin and two Wheatear. A visit to Blackhole Marsh failed to show the Pec Sand (has it gone?), but nine Ringed Plover were here. No Dunlin though!?

A look along the estuary after the tide had dropped revealed the Barwit still, along with another one! Also three Blackwits. I love Barwits! Yes Blackwits are a bit more colourful in flight, but just look at this beaut...

Soooooo sweet!

This one must have a stray Cattle Egret gene in it somewhere 'cuz it's doing something odd with its head/neck!

I just watched the 'Tour of Britain' thingy which came through Seaton. It was over in a bit of a flash, but exciting never-the-less! If you don't have a clue what I'm talking about/want to know more about it/are fed up of my blog and what to get to a different website VERY quickly, then click HERE.

Half of the Devon and Cornwall Police came though with them too, so today would be a good day to rob a bank!!! If you are that way inclined....

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