Thursday, 10 September 2009

The Invisible Osprey

Now this is cool!!!

Click on the link here (after you've read the waffle below!):

Scroll down the page a little and look at the Google Map. In particular follow 'Rothes' route - look where she was on 12th August.... in BRANSCOMBE! This was after she had flown over/past Seaton. She spent the night here (roosting at 9pm and waking up at 9am) before continuing down the south coast of Devon. AMAZING STUFF!

I think we actually do really well for Ospreys here, and I reckon if we had an all day sky vigil every day throughout the autumn we'd see many many more flying over south without stopping.

I have a theory behind this too. If an Osprey flies down the west coast of UK, it would most likely fly to the southern most point of Wales before crossing the Bristol Channel. This point of Wales is roughly opposite the mouth of the River Parrett. So, it crosses the channel, sees the Parrett and heads for it, then up it. The river finishes at about Bridgwater, so it just plods on heading south from here. And almost directly south of Bridgwater is....Seaton!!! How does that rate as a theory then??

On a totally different note; Dawlish had an Aquatic Warbler today - gripping!

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