Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A Poor Night For Moths (In Seaton Anyway!)

I had both traps out last night, but caught only 94 moths of 14 species.

The only first for the garden was this common critter...

Flounced Rustic

The rest of the catch was made up of: 36 Large Yellow Underwing, 23 Setaceous Hebrew Character, 10 Lesser Yellow Underwing, 8 Silver Y, 4 Vine's Rustic, 3 Brimstone, 2 Dark Sword Grass, 2 Common Wainscot, and singles of: Burnished Brass, Green Carpet, Small Fan-footed Wave, Shuttle-shaped Dart and Light Emerald.

I suppose - despite the low numbers - there are some niceties in that list. It was only my third ever Brunished Brass, my first Emerald for ages, and the first time I've caught more than one Dark Sword Grass in a night! Also, I always love seeing a few of these...

Common but fab; one of the Silver Y's

There was also another micro that I just couldn't ignore! This is a Brown China-mark; like all the China-marks the larvae is totally aquatic - so glad we decided to put a pond in all those years ago! : )

Pretty little thing!

Seeing Portland had another fine Hawkmoth last night, along with two Convolvulus for good measure, the trap is out again tonight...

I quick trip to Colyford Marsh mid morning showed five Green Sands, two Lapwing and a Blackwit. Still no Glossy Ibis...

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