Monday, 13 July 2020

Male Ruff and Med Gulls

Wader passage is really gaining momentum now, with Black Hole Marsh proving more and more inviting as the water levels drop daily.  

It really feels like we are going to score a 'big one' in the next few weeks, but until then this stunning male Ruff will do just fine...

Best one I've seen on the Axe!

The combination or black and rich chestnut looked stunning

Lots of Black-tailed Godwits, Redshank, Common Sandpipers, a few Dunlin and Lapwing and a Greenshank were also present.  Plenty of small gulls and a couple of Teal too - it's looking so good!

Over the last few days it's been great to see a continued presence of excellent numbers of Med Gulls.  The other morning a quick look along the Estuary made me feel like I was on the Fleet...

There were 11 in total in this flock of 24 small gulls (5.5 pictured!)

Looking like a male at the back and a female

...and long may it continue. Any number of Med Gulls is never too many!

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