Saturday, 18 July 2020

Local Mammals

During the last few weeks I've enjoyed some great encounters with wildlife of the furry kind. Topped off nicely after sunset yesterday with a wonderful Water Vole sat quietly munching in the ditch along the south side of Black Hole Marsh.  Well when I say quietly, yes it was sat quietly but it certainly wasn't eating quietly! The loud chomping is what gave it away, I can eat Crunchy Nut Cornflakes quieter...

It's great they are doing so well locally

And here's a video, which I thought was a better option given the low light...

A couple of weeks previous, a friend of Kev's reported a Dormouse feeding off his bird feeders at dusk for a few nights in a row. It had to be worth a go, and sure enough after all the birds had gone to roost, out came not one but two stunning little Dormice.  Such a thrill to watch them feeding in the open...

What a hooter!

Waiting for the coast to be clear

Whilst waiting for these cuties the local Badgers put on an incredible show.  They are fed here every evening so have become completely at ease with the home owners, and clearly any visitors too...

"Where's our food?"

"I'll even lie down like a dog!"

"Right we are ALL getting impatient now"

"YEAH! Peanuts!" 

A great experience.  Thanks for the message Kev and for arranging access.


  1. Loving the mammal fest Steve - Those badgers are ridiculous and the Dormouse is pretty special too! Some great photos.

    1. I used to lie down, downwind ofcourse, the middle of the nearby woods in near darkness to just get a glimpse of a badger. This was something else! Mind blowing.

  2. Mind blowing! 11 badgers at once!