Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Spring Hiatus

It's all gone a bit quiet over the last few days. I'm sure the spring migrants are arriving but with these mostly clear skies they will be flying right over our heads.  A few scattered Willow Warblers and a couple more Blackcaps as good as it's got for me in the bushes this week. I have noticed the odd Swallow and a few Sand Martins around too, but not as many as I would expect by now.

The Cattle Egrets have begun to behave a little differently. No doubt they are getting 'itchy feet' with the breeding season approaching, but also there are far more cattle out in the fields around here now so will be less reliant on the Colcombe Farm area.  Three were on Colyford Marsh and alongside the Estuary late afternoon Monday...

And on Tuesday morning all six were on Bridge Marsh. The third one in from the right is actually two birds...

Glancing at the forecast it looks like cloud will be building over the next few days, so I hope this is enough to drop us some migrants. I'm always excited for the first male Redstart of the year and it should only be a few days away!

No Redstarts yet though so have a Redshank for now. Nice to have good views of one in (mostly) summer plumage...

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