Friday, 21 March 2014

Mid March Musings

"As usual the buzz of early migrants has petered out to just Chiffchaffs."  My favourite tweet of last week, sent by Mike King (@GlosterBirder). So true, and sums up my feelings for the month of March perfectly.

I have to say though, there has been a lot of Chiffs!  And it's nice to see them behaving how they should be after the distressing scenes of last spring. I have ringed a few too, well one, the other bird I caught at the Donkey Sanctuary yesterday was incredibly one I ringed there back in May 2012! Here's the 'fresh one', complete with pollen...

Makes it somewhat less-cute!

Whilst on the subject of ringing at the Donkey Sanctuary, although numbers have reduced with birds clearing off to defend territories, there's still been some right crackers. Namely...


Back to spring migration, and the only other spring migrant I've seen is Sand Martin, with three over Seaton Marshes on 17th.  I felt a bit short changed today though, as a quick visit to Exminster Marshes at midday showed at least 300 flying around, but a prolonged visit to Seaton Marshes this evening gave none! 

I have given Beer Head a few visits already this spring, with a few Chiffchaffs, two Red-legged Partridge (!?) and a Black Redstart on 18th the highlights.  I can't tell you how excited I am about Beer Head this year, and hopefully soon you will all see why.

The Black Red started off in the Hollow, before flying into the caravan park

I have been keeping an eye on the Estuary gulls when possible, but they've been a constant disappointment to be honest.  A varying number of Lesser Black-backs have kept hopes up that gull passage is happening, with the occasional stunning ad Med Gull too.

Let's end this post on a positive note, it's nearly April...

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