Monday, 31 March 2014

Exmouth Glaucous Gull

Had to go into Exeter today with Dad for suit fittings and other wedding related things, then afterwards dropped in to see the second-winter Glaucous Gull that's been lingering at the Quay car park in Exmouth.

What a great idea this was, as it is an abosolute stonker, and seems totally oblivious to humans.  As we drove in it was on the rocks below the car park to the left...

What a corker! You can see it's a second-winter due to the pale iris and amount of pale on the bill.  After it spent five minutes sat on these rocks, a Great Black-backed chased it briefly, before re-landing IN the car park...

We finally tore ourselves away from it when it flew up onto this container...

I cannot recommend this bird enough, and its proving a great subject to photograph - won't get many more opportunities to get this close to a Glauc in Devon I can promise you.  Interestingly a photographer present said there were two present earlier today.

On our return home Lower Bruckland Ponds showed a Swallow and three Sand Martins. Sadly the Axe gull flock didn't contain anything exciting though.


  1. Well done Steve,good on you.
    Superb tick,superb shots.

  2. Thanks John, it was a great bird. Closest I've ever been to one for sure.