Sunday, 30 March 2014

Honey I'm......OSPREY!

It's almost unbelievable, but I still haven't seen a Wheatear yet this year! I promised myself that I wouldn't twitch one, and I haven't had chance for any birding during the last few days when they've been more numerous.  I haven't had Willow Warbler yet either. In fact, before today (and excluding Chiffchaffs which seem to be everywhere!), the only migrant I've seen since my last blog post was another Swallow, with one over Seaton Marshes on Wednesday morning.

All change today though, despite being at work from 7 - 4:15. On my return home, I noticed plenty of Shelduck flying around over the Estuary. Yes gulls are the best for shouting about a passing raptor, but on the Estuary where canoeist, dog walkers, etc can send the gulls up, it's often when the other species take flight (like Curlew and Shelduck) that you know it's an Osprey or Marsh Harrier (or better!)... And this afternoon, it was an Osprey....

The first pic I took of it

Not really that surprising to be honest, as the weather today has been perfect for Ospreys to cross the English Channel and continue with their northward migration. Very happy one decided to have a look about the Axe though.  It spent about ten minutes flying around, and hovered several times over the Estuary, but it didn't go in. I lost it when it flew off north west.

As soon as I spotted it I sent the texts out, including to Sue Smith. I didn't need to though as she was sat in the Tower Hide right below it!  And you've got to check out her stunning images....

Something nice about seeing a good bird from your own house though. Well chuffed with it.  Hopefully this week there will be a few more migrant related blog-posts...

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