Friday, 11 January 2013

Not Quite Not Quite Scilly

Well I spent several hours out today, hoping the freezing night before would have done something. I can conclude it has done absolutely nothing. Nothing new obvious anywhere. I even went for a wander in Morganhayes Wood hoping for maybe Crossbill or Redpoll. I basically saw nothing. Things were so dire that I was even distracted by this Cormorant on Bridge Marsh. Yes - I have clearly been spending too much time with Gav lately! 

It was distant, and in very dull light, but did look nicely slight - especially compared with the two clear carbo's to the right...

The bird on the left - check out the head and bill.
Sadly the shot that shows the size comparison best came out rubbish. Still, here it is...

A small and a big out-of-focus cormorant!
But what about the crucial gular pouch angle? Well to be honest I think it was a tiny bit too far away to be sure, but this photo may just about show it...

Looks okish to me. Not a huge angle - but seems to be big enough maybe?

I have this weekend off work, although I won't be around for most of tomorrow.  Hopefully some time out on Sunday will show an improvement in the birding situation...


  1. Difficult to work out what is going on from the photos Steve - I'll take your word for it!

  2. I wouldn't! It could well be a small (female I guess?) younger carbo, but the size and build of the bird really was striking. Almost Shag like to be honest.