Tuesday, 22 January 2013

An Easy One

My only year tick today was a rather easy one, Marsh Tit

There's been one regularly in Mum and Dad's garden over the past few weeks, so when I was up there earlier I spent a short while looking out the window. I saw it within about a minute!  The amazing thing is this Marsh Tit is ringed, so it surely has to be this one...

Ringed in their garden on 09/06/11. See blog post here:

This is the only Marsh Tit I've ringed here.  After ringing it, and before Dad started seeing it a few weeks ago, we haven't seen it or any Marsh Tit once in the garden!  Also whilst looking for the Marsh Tit this afternoon I noticed a ringed female Blackcap too.  I really must get the nets back up, and find out if these are indeed 'my' birds.

Earlier today, I just had to have a sea watch because of the rather breezy southerly wind.  It looked promising with a few Gannet out there, and a few more auks.  In reality though, in the hour I gave it, four Red-throated Divers west were as good as it got.

With more snow forecasted I hope this cold spell has a few more patch year ticks to offer. Come on wildfowl - get moving!!!

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