Thursday, 24 January 2013

Still Time For Two Ticks!

Spent the day surveying in Cornwall today, managed to get there and back no problems thankfully. 

I was back home by about 3pm, and went for a quick tour of the river valley before I returned home.  This proved a great idea as I chanced upon a very valuable year tick - Greylag Goose.  A Bean Goose would have been much better, but a Greylag for the patch year lister should never be sniffed at.  They're a bit like Pintail here really, we usually get at least one a year, but you could easily go a year without seeing one.

It spent the first ten minutes asleep...

It had obviously flown a long way to get here!

Before finally poking its head out (after a bit of encouragement!)...

Good to see my headless grey goose ID skills are still up to scratch!

Still lots of Golden Plover about, but didn't see anything else new.

After an hour or so at home, I met Jess and Bun after they'd finished work and enjoyed two very lovely Barn Owls.  We had superb views, although it was too dark to take photos. Didn't stop me trying though...

The views were alot better than it looks like they were with these photos!

After seeing my photo failures, Jess said "why not take a video?". Great idea...

As you can see, that worked a lot better!

So, only had about an hour out and managed two patch year ticks today. More of that please! :-)

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