Monday, 26 December 2011

Boxing Day Blues

The most depressing day of the year. Still feeling sick with all the chocolate from the previous day, and am stuffed to the brim with turkey and Christmas pud! And, worst of all, Christmas is over and it aint back for another 364 days! I hate it.

So I thought I'd make it a little better by doing some ringing and birding....

A couple of hours ringing in the garden only resulted in two birds trapped and ringed. They were quality birds though, one a male Blackcap and the other the 30th Bullfinch that I've trapped and ringed in the garden (all since June 2011). And here he is...

A young male

A had a look along the Estuary mid afternoon too. There was nothing in with the big gulls, but seven Meds were in with the Black-headed Gulls; 1 1st winter, 1 2nd-winter and 5 adults (1 red ringed, 3 unringed and 1 legs not seen).

I hope everyone had an excellent Christmas. Better make a start on the 'review of the year post' really...

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