Friday, 7 October 2011

South Milton And A Swan

I'll start with today's excitement. And I had to leave a steaming mug of tea this morning to go and see an adult Whooper Swan found by Sue Smith in front of the tower hide...

Which one???

That one!

Cracking bird - cracking views too!

At about 10:10, the first tram came along, and flushed it...

It called several times in flight

It didn't go far though, as it dropped back down onto the Estuary off Coronation Corner...

Here it re-joined the same pair or Mute Swans

On the Estuary this morning, I also saw singles of Ruff and Knot and four Barwits.

Yesterday evening it felt very 'wintry' sat besides the Estuary. The wind was bitterly cold, there were Wigeon whistling and a decent number of Black-headed Gulls in the pre-roost gathering...

Looking north from Coronation Corner

Amongst the Black-heads were my first two Med Gulls on the 'winter', both unringed adults. Can you spot one of them in this pici...

...asleep right in the middle

Now time for the South Milton part of the post. After a couple of Crossbills flew over my garden yesterday morning, I went down to the Thurlestone area for a look around - I've never really been here before and thought a visit was well over due.

I must thank Vic and Nick for showing me around, and what a place it is! The habitat is out of this world it really is -and in such a great location as well! Anyway, here's a few pics from my day...

South Milton Ley

South Huish Marsh

This Stonechat was sat in almost exactly the same spot that one is pictured on the information board!

A Golden-ringed Dragonfly; easily the lastest one I've ever seen!

Well what a photo-filled post, as ever I hope you have enjoyed it. The moth trap is going out again tonight, so watch this space....

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