Sunday, 9 October 2011

Dolphin Action

Yesterday afternoon a couple of Dolphins were swimming amongst people just off Beer Beach. One was still present this morning, although a local fisherman reported a pod of 30 at one stage.

I went down there mid afternoon, and soon spotted one that I have nicknamed Nick as it has an obvious nick out of its dorsal fin. After a couple of brief views it followed a boat right in and kept appearing just off the beach. After a little while it went a bit further out, but here it leapt out of the water several times - with the crowd cheering and clapping each time! After this though it totally disappeared.

Unfortunately, whenever it appeared in the line of fire of my camera, it disappeared as quickly as it had appeared! It was just so quick. Anyway, here's the best that I managed...

Look out for Nick - quite distinctive!

And there was quite a crowd. When it was really close, families were running down from the town to get a look...

Dolphin watchers

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