Wednesday, 13 July 2011

I Was Not Expecting That!

When I ring in my garden, all I put up is one 20 foot net in the front garden hoping to catch birds flying on to/off the the lawn and flying to/from the feeders.

Today I only had the net up for a couple of hours this afternoon, and had caught a couple of 'new' Goldfinches, yet another 'new' Bullfinch, and a heap more '3J' Greenfinches.. Then I caught something I really wasn't expecting to catch in our small front garden...

It's only a bloody Swallow!!!

Yes, we get Swallows over the garden all the time - but never in it! He was quite a 'well endowed' male too...

Big boy!

Now this Swallow is going to fly to Africa with some bling - some Waite bling :-)

I had a ten minutes look along the Estuary late morning, there's a load more juvenile Herring Gulls out now - which is going to make picking out a juv Yellow-legged a tad more tricky! Despite grilling the gulls a good'un, all I could find were three fine fine FINE summer plumaged adult Meds; here's two of them...

I will never get bored of seeing these!

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