Sunday, 17 July 2011

Gulls Go To Tesco

I've had a look through the gull roost at the Tesco site at least once every late afternoon/early evening for the last four days, you get really excellent views of the roosting gulls from behind Seaton Garage on the Riverside Industrial Estate. I wish I had cottoned on to this place sooner though - I bet it was covered in Wheatears during the spring!

Anyway, last night there was our first juv Yellow-legged Gull of the autumn - a very well marked bird indeed.

Tonight, there was another one, an absolute BRUTE of a bird...

How can a brown and grey bird be stunning!?? It really is though - I go weak at the knees just looking at the photos!

Going back a few days, on Friday night my first juv Lesser Black-backed Gull of the autumn was in the flock...

Not quite as 'phwoar' I know...

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