Friday, 3 June 2011

Some Exciting News And A Load Of Moths!

There's not been much on this blog lately; I've been busy filling out forms, ordering things, setting things up, downloading things...

My bird ringing box

And in this box - as you can see - are rings, and - as you can't see - mist nets... and these are mine! Oh yes - I am the proud owner of a BTO C Permit! :-)

I want to get used to ringing alone first off, so this morning put a net in the front garden. In two hours I caught 13 birds, including a stunning male Bullfinch and two Goldfinches - so a bit of a result really!

Most people said to me ringing alone for the first time will be nerve wracking - but I really enjoyed it! It was 'odd' though - I can only describe it as being like driving on your own for the first time after you've passsed your driving test!

OK, now to moths. I put the Robinson in the front garden last night, and was rewarded with an awesome haul of 129 moths of 34 species!

One of these was a first for the garden - and what a first it was....

Lime Hawkmoth!

The rest of the catch looked like this (new species for the year in blue):

4 Figure of Eighty
1 Buff-tip
1 Lobster Moth
1 Garden Carpet
1 Sandy Carpet
2 Common Marbled Carpet
2 Pug sp.
1 Clouded Silver
1 Small Waved Umber
5 Willow Beauty
2 Brimstone
1 Light Emerald
1 Pale Tussock
1 Peppered Moth
1 Privet Hawkmoth
1 Elephant Hawkmoth
2 Flame Shoulder
1 Shuttle-shaped Dart
68 Heart and Dart
6 Vine's Rustic
2 Marbler Minor
6 Treble Lines
2 Lychnis
2 Ingrailed Clay
1 Setaceous Hebrew Character
1 Bright-line Brown-eye
1 Dark Arches
2 Large Yellow Underwing
1 Small Angle Shades
2 Miller
1 Straw Dot
1 Burnished Brass
2 Spectacle

And here's a few more pics...

This morning's trio of Hawkmoths

Burnished Brass

Small Angle Shades


I've got the trap out again tonight, check back tomorrow to see how I get on...

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