Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Patch List Doubles

Yesterday morning, the list of birds that I've only seen in a deceased state on patch, doubled!

A Puffin that Phil found washed up on Seaton Beach on a stormy winters day many many years ago has long been the only bird I've seen dead on patch but never alive. Well that was until yesterday, when Bun noticed a small brown bird lying life-less on the edge of Park Road in Beer...

A Quail! The lack of any black on throat identifies it as a female

What a surprising find - which proves these miniature game birds do pass through our patch. As you can see from the photos, it was in good nick, so before I laid it to rest in the deep freeze, I got my rulers and callipers out...

All measurements in mm and weight in grams:

Wing length 113
Head and bill 35.7
Bill (from feathering) 8.1
Bill (from skull) 11.2
Tarsus 29.5
Middle toe 26
Tail 39
Weight 97.1

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