Tuesday, 10 May 2011

An Impromptu Moth Night

With all the scarce immigrant moths turning up in the UK at the moment, and as the conditions seemed quite good last night, I put the trap out in the front garden.

No Patton's Tiger or Purple Cloud for me I'm afraid (well, no immigrants at all!) - but the 21 moths of 13 species did include my second ever White Spot for the garden...

Nine days earlier than last year's specimen

The rest of the catch looked like this (with the new species for the year in blue):

2 Common Carpet
1 Double-striped Pug
1 Buff-tip
1 Peppered Moth
1 Lobster Moth
1 Scalloped Hazel
2 Shuttle-shaped Dart
3 Heart and Dart
3 Treble Lines
3 Common Quaker
1 Vine's Rustic
1 Marbled Minor

I've had no time for birding today - but to be honest it doesn't 'feel' like I'm missing much at all!


  1. White Spot - very nice. Is Lobster Moth regular in Devon? Not had that one yet when trapping in North Devon.

  2. Hi Skev, yeah Lobster Moth are regular - though never numerous here. I think there must be a colony of White Spot on the coast somewhere nearby, and I pick up the odd wanderer.