Friday, 24 June 2011


Cuckoo's have been in the news recently, with five birds trapped in East Anglia and fitted with 5g satellite tags. For more details see here:

To briefly sum up the surprise happenings - three of these birds (all young males) are already heading south. Clement is on the Mediterranean coast of France, Kasper is in northern Italy and Chris is in Holland. Only two of the birds, Martin (the only adult male tagged) and Lyster remain the UK - they are both in the area where they were original trapped.

Interesting stuff, but there's one Cuckoo I was was even more interested in.... the one sat on a road side fence post near Colyton on Tuesday just gone.

I haven't seen or heard a Cuckoo on patch for at least seven years - and have only heard/seen three ever. So as I was driving between Southleigh and Colyton, I came to a sudden halt when I saw a Cuckoo perched right besides the road! Unfortunately, the stopping of my car made it take to the air. A couple of Swallows chased it as it flew towards a near by wood, but it U-turned and flew back low over the road - heading for a large Oak tree. What a great surprise, it's always good to get a nice dollop of jam :-)

Apart from this, I've had a busy week with little time for anything - and yesterday was laid up in bed with the most horendous sick bug, it wasn't pleasant!