Saturday, 17 July 2010

All About Gulls

All I had time for today was an evening sweep of the Estuary. As I love Gulls it was well worth it.... for the non Gull-lover it would have been a disappointment!

Brown is beautiful, it is official...

What a cutey!

Yes my first juvenile Med Gull of the year greeted me half way up, I just love them!

At Coronation Corner, I was very surprised to see 'The White One' again, it hasn't been seen for months! It looks much the same though, but only offered very distant views... crap light too!

Mind you, it behaved better than the juvenile Yellow-legged Gull I plucked out of the flock. At first it just slept in the open, and on awaking immediately flew and landed in the middle of a mass of Gulls. I did see its head, several times, but my camera didn't...

It's the one bowing!

This one was another 'classic' individual, but it was larger than the 'classic' one I saw on Wednesday.

I found a second bird, which I just couldn't make my mind up on! It wasn't that big at all, and I never saw its tail or open wing. I took some photos, looked away, looked back and it had gone!! Anyway, this is what it looked like at rest...


Away from Gulls, I saw eight Dunlin, four Common Sandpipers, a Whimbrel and a juvi Redshank.

The moth trap is out tonight, it feels like an age since my last good catch! I look forward to the morning...


  1. Good to see 'the white one' is still alive & in the area. The last sighting at Chard Res was on 7th May. Hope it turns up again in Somerset.
    Dave Helliar

  2. Is it the photo misleading me, or is that a somewhat more adult-ish bill pattern on the white one?

    PS. Gull photos + Gull talk = one man's meat...


  3. I was very surprised to see it again Dave!

    Gav I think that is just how it looks in this pici, it looked pretty samey to me!

    I agree with Brett's ID of my final Gull, a pale juv Lesser Black-backed.