Friday, 9 July 2010

That's More Like It!

I'm bloody knakered! This 'football phase' I'm going through doesn't go well with mothing!!

It was a much better catch last night as the wind had finally dropped with plenty of cloud cover. My two traps gave 283 moths of 62 species. This included two new species for the garden...

Scarce Silver-lines; what a moth!!


The rest of the catch looked like this: 34 Dark Arches, 24 Flame, 21 Heart and Dart, 18 Bright-line Brown-eye, 15 Riband Wave, 11 Uncertain, 10 Willow Beauty, 9 Buff Ermine, 9 Minor sp., 9 Coronet, 8 Buff Arches, 8 Common Footman, 7 Flame-shoulder, 7 Sycamore, 6 Elephant Hawkmoth, 5 Double Square-spot, 4 Buff-tip, 4 Spectacle, 4 Fanfoot, 3 Swallow-tail, 3 Pug sp., 3 Clouded Silver, 3 Grey Dagger, 3 Clay, 2 Lackey, 2 Peach Blossom, 2 Light Emerald, 2 Single-dotted Wave, 2 Scorched Wing, 2 Sharp-angled Peacock, 2 Dot Moth, 2 Mottled Rustic, 2 Small Clouded-brindle, 2 Snout and singles of: Common Emerald, Small Emerald, Small Fan-footed Wave, Small Yellow Wave, Ruddy Carpet, Common Carpet, Sandy Carpet, Common Marbled Carpet, Small Seraphim, V-pug, Foxglove Pug, Scorched Pug, Yellow Shell, Fern, Clouded Border, Poplar Hawkmoth, Eyed Hawkmoth, White Ermine, Brimstone, Small Angle Shades, Miller, Silver Y, Burnished Brass, Beautiful Hook-tip and Small Fan-foot.

I won't list the small catches over the previous nights, but a True Lover's Knot was new for the year on Wednesday night.

I'll finish this post with a couple more photos from today...

Only my second ever Ruddy Carpet

The Fern


  1. Some nice moths there Steve. Sharp-angled Carpet is one I've only ever seen when running a trap in the outlaws North Devon garden.
    That Yellow-tail looks to have very strongly feathered Brown-tail-ish antennae though - did you check it's back end?

  2. Sharp-angled Peacock, not Carpet. Have yet to have one of those!

    Yes I did indeed check its bum, yellow as yellow could be :-)