Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Two Things I Hate Most

At the moment in my life I MOST hate American Sparrows, for the obvious reason. At least it disappeared before I made the journey though!

Second most hated at the moment are Pugs! Bloody nightmare! The ID thread on the Back Garden Moths forum will probably crash soon because of me and my Pug photos! Sorry guys!!

I'll get what little birdie highlights I have to talk about out the way first...

This morning, all Beer Head offered was a singing male Lesser Whitethroat in the Hollow. Lesser Throat is actually quite a rare spring bird on Beer Head, though they did use to breed here. I also gave Beer Head a look over yesterday morning, two Yellow Wags, two Willow Warblers and a Wheatear were the best I could muster.

Wader passage has been VERY disappointing so far this month. Several Whimbrel, a Barwit, and on Monday, nine Dunlin and two Ringed Plover being the best I've seen.

I'll confess now to some off patch birding yesterday! A quick trip over to Lyme Regis rewarded me with at least 12 Purple Sandpipers, most in summer plumage. They remained distant and I only had the Lumix with me, but that didn't stop me taking a few snaps...

If only one would fly west a little! This species is STILL not on the patch list!

Okies, now it's moth time! :-)

Quite a good catch last night. Counting all Pugs as Pug sp. I had 21 moths of 11 species. Star moth was my first ever Pine Beauty...

What a stunner!

The rest were: 5 Pug sp. (probably mostly Brindled but one looks like Common Pug), 3 Flame Shoulder, 3 Nut-tree Tussock, 2 Brimstone, 2 Common Quaker and singles of Silver Y, Hebrew Character, Early Grey, Muslin Moth and Garden Carpet.

A right surprise in the trap was this female Great Diving Beetle...

It was HUGE! And it can obviously fly... I always thought they could only swim!

During the last couple of sunny days, plenty of Damselflies have emerged at Lower Bruckland Ponds...

A teneral something!

Tenerals aren't always easy to identify (well not for me anyway!) They're much easier when they've got a bit of colour on them. Like this one...

Common Blue

I'll end this post in the most boring way possible in many people's eyes. Some of the selection of Pugs i've been... 'enjoying'...

Bloody things!!!

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  1. Don't take this as gospel - 'cos pugs are buggers to ID in the flesh, let alone from photos........ but I reckon these are (from the top) Larch, Double-striped, Common and Brindled Pugs.

    The 'Brindled is pretty worn though, so I wouldn't rule out Mottled either.