Friday, 28 May 2010

More New Moths

For the past three days I've had one moth trap out, but haven't been getting up pre-dawn to collect/count anything resting outside the trap. Every night I 've still had at least one first for the garden though, they were...

Light Brocade - one very smart moth!


The Seraphim

Silver-ground Carpet - this one stayed on the side of the house all morning

The full lists for each night are as follows (with new species for the year in red):

Wednesday 26th - 41 moths of 18 species:

7 Brimstone, 5 Muslin Moth, 5 Pug sp., 4 Heart and Dart, 3 Flame Shoulder, 3 Red-twin Spot Carpet, 2 Scorched Carpet, 2 Common Carpet and singles of: Poplar Hawkmoth, Cream-spot Tiger, Common White Wave, Small White Wave, May Highflyer, The Seraphim, Rivulet, Vine's Rustic, Spectacle and Least Black Arches.

Thursday 27th - 47 moths of 20 species:

8 Heart and Dart, 4 Shuttle-shaped Dart, 4 Flame Shoulder 4 Treble Lines, 3 Red-twin Spot Carpet, 3 Muslin Moth, 3 Vine's Rustic, 2 Brimstone, 2 Green Carpet, 2 Pug sp., 2 Hebrew Character, 2 Bright-line Brown Eye and singles of: Eyed Hawkmoth, Oak Hook-tip, Setaceous Hebrew Character, Marbled Minor, Yellow-barred Brindle, Silver-ground Carpet, The Seraphim (a different individual to yesterday) and Early Thorn.

Friday 28th - 31 moths of 14 species - interestingly only one Geometrid, possibly because it was a tad cooler?

9 Heart and Dart, 6 Shuttle-shaped Dart, 3 Treble Lines, 2 Nut-tree Tussock, 2 Flame Shoulder and singles of: Poplar Hawkmoth, Early Thorn, Hebrew Character, Bright-line Brown Eye, Knot Grass, Cabbage Moth, Light Brocade, Spectacle and Silver Y

If this wasn't a moth-overloaded post already, here's a few more photos...

My third ever Eyed Hawkmoth

A Setaceous and a non-Setaceous Hebrew Character!

The second Seraphim - much more faded than the first

And now a non-moth photo, and the last of this post. The moon looked totally stunning last night over the English Channel...



  1. I also caught a Light Brocade last night - stunning aren't they?!?

  2. love the moon picture. Simple but absolutely stunning :)

  3. I was well impressed with it Josh, a really cracking moth!

    Thankyou Catharine, sometimes simple is best...

  4. Hello Steve,

    I know you don't live in India, but would you be able to id a few moths that I found around my apartment building? I live in southern India -- in Bangalore, a city whose outskirts are rapidly being urbanized.


    Three moths

    Three more