Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Little And Late

When will this bloody weather pick up!? I want to wear shorts and t-shirts!!

I spent Sunday and Monday in Plymouth. The drive down gave me two Hobbies, with singles over Seaton Road near Farway and the A30 between Honiton and Exeter. On the return leg yesterday another Hobby flew over the M5 where it crosses the Exe. All very nice indeed :-)

This morning, Beer Head was very disappointing, with a male Lesser Whitethroat rattling and warbling away in the Sheepwalk the best of the grounded migrants. Overhead, several small parties of Swifts flew north/north west.

Later on, a look at Blackhole Marsh revealed a rather late Little Ringed Plover, present here for its second day now. It's quite a showy one...

Just wish the sun came out!

Other waders here included two Ringos, three Dunlin and a Blackwit. Four more Ringos, three more Blackwits and a stonking summer plumaged Barwit were on the Estuary. Overhead again there were plenty of Swifts, one of which fancied a game of cat and mouse with another flying object...

Big Swift or small plane??

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