Sunday, 24 January 2010

Norfolk Trip - Day Two

Thursday was another dull day, but after breakfast we were out, with Holme being a very productive first port of call.

This day though will always be remembered as the day my camera broke. During the day, the 'zoom in' button just stopped working, hence why all my photos from this day on become EVEN WORSE in quality!

Anyway, back to Holme, and walking across the golfcourse, a large flock of Fieldfares flew up, with a couple of Redwing and Song Thrush. On the beach, a flock of 71 Snow Buntings flew up and down the beach, only settling briefly, with another four and five flying in to join them from the east. Aside all the wader activity on the beach, the sea was where most of the action was happening.

16 Long-tailed Ducks looked specactular - especially the splendid drakes, ten Eider, six Common Scoter, several Goldeneye and Red-breasted Mergansers were the wildfowl on show. A Great Northern Diver was resting on the sea close in, with two Red-throated further out. A nice surprise was a Slavonian Grebe which flew close west, we later learnt it had been seen off Titchwell before it flew off from there at 10:15.

Next stop was our second visit to Titchwell. We scored with the things we dipped here the previous day, with the three redhead Smew showing to the west of the bank, but they remained distant - especially two of them. This is the best I could get...

Elusive blighters!

Twite was the other bird we managed to connect with, a distant flock feeding on the Brackish Marsh. There were up to 50 birds in the flock, but there were a few Linnets in there, so I'd guesstimate at about 40 Twite. It's a pity they stayed so distant though.

Spotted Redshank over the bank was the only one we saw all trip, and a Water Pipit proved elusive during our visit offering only flight views. The sea showed a decent flock of 180 Common Scoters plus six Eider and the usual Goldeneye and Red-breasted Mergansers. Near the visitor centre the Mealy Redpoll was still present and two Water Rails showed superbly.

A scope view of the Freshwater Lagoon!

On our return to the vistors' centre, it was time to try a Tichwell bacon bap...WOW! Check this out...

There were TWELVE rashons of bacon inside it!!

We finished the day at Wareham Greens, the walk to and from the edge of the saltmarsh showed a couple of Grey Partridges, a Woodcock, and in a flock of c40Brent Geese were two lovely Pale-bellied, here's one of them...

I blame the broken camera :-(

Raptors included a Merlin, a Barn Owl, two Marsh Harriers, and three Hen Harriers. One distant ringtail came in from the east, a ringtail passed us close arriving from the west, and best of all, a STUNNING male gave a couple of really close fly pasts, he also came in from the west. Sensational views of a stunning bird! He certainly got 'bird of the day' award!

It was then back to the B and B, and another fine meal in The Bowling Green. The weather forecast didn't give us much hope for the following day, but you will have to read the next post to see how we got on....

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  1. think we may have to go in search of one of those baps! t.x