Saturday, 9 January 2010

More Bittern!

Was out for several hours this morning, and finished superbly when Phil phoned to say he had the Bittern in full view! Just as we (Bun and I) arrived it flew into a hedge and remained here for about half an hour before flying back into the field again.

It looked WEIRD perched up like this!

Poor bird :-(

And the last I saw of it was when it did this...

Walk inside the wood pile!!

Earlier on in the morning, a few of us were gathered at the seafront watching even MORE cold weather movement...

It was actually very pleasant here in the sun

A Brent Goose in-off was the highlight with Lapwings, thrushes and a few Linnets and Goldfinches on the move overhead. Up the estuary the drake Goldeneye was still showing well, along with several Gadwall, a Pochard and a Tufted Duck. The four Ruff were still knocking about too.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow...

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