Wednesday 25 November 2009

LOST - Help Wanted In Finding My Lost Pet

It was a couple of weeks ago, that when I went out in the back garden I noticed my beloved pet goose was gone. Her name is Geraldine and I miss her dearly.

I have put up posters locally, but as yet have had no joy so am hoping for more luck by posting this on the web. I have heard she was seen to fly off west, so at least she isn't fox food (yet!)

This is what she looks like...

She responds well to peanut butter on whole grain toasted bread, and also (rather surprisingly) tuna and pasta bake. If you approach her without either of these two food items she may look very wary.

If anyone has any information then please reply to this post.... I must get her back ASAP!

Thankyou for your time....

If you aren't a Devon birder then you probably won't get this at all!!!

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  1. Given I read all the Seaton blogs, I think I might have an inkling....