Sunday 22 November 2009

It's Not Over 'Til The Fat Lady Sings...

In October the UK was stuffed full of Ring Ouzels. Despite Beer Head getting daily visits, a five second flight view was the best anyone got of one here....or anywhere on patch in fact! Having passed this Ouzel-filled period Ouzel-less I thought the chances of one making it on my 2009 patch year list was nil.

So it's now nearing the end of November, the latest Ring Ouzel reported on Birdguides is of one in Cornwall on 15th. But yesterday, Clive changed that by finding two on Beer Head! I was in work all day so couldn't do anything about it. Today though, despite the shite weather, I trudged up here early morning.

I was soon rewarded with excellent views of one, but the weather got the better of me and I retreated to my car. Later on in the morning though when the sun came out I returned. Am very glad I did because I got super views of both of them. The light was pretty poor, and the wind blew everything in all directions, but I still managed a couple of ok-ish photos...

My first on patch for a good couple of years, and my 182nd patch bird of the year : )

There have been two Little Gulls off the yacht club all day; what is presumably the lingering adult, along with a new bird - a gorgeous first winter. An adult Med Gull was also loitering here late morning.

Up the estuary, the two Whooper Swans remain, but I've seen little else today.


  1. Nice one, Steve. My favourite of the british thrushes.

  2. Thanks Dean,

    They are stunning birds, so different to Blackbirds in every way! Have to admit though, I have a soft spot for Fieldfares!