Sunday, 19 July 2009

An Excellent Evenings Birding

I haven't been out birding for ages! Not even stopped to look at the estuary, but news of a possible Cattle Egret at Colyford Marsh yesterday tempted me out this evening.

The birding Gods welcomed my return to the birding scene with this stunning visual display as I wandered down to Colyford Common...


From the hide, I soon found the Cattle Egret - and it was a Cattle Egret, a juv one! And before anyone moans, it wasn't born anywhere near here, so I think it's safe to release the news. It remained distant but I still attempted some photos...

Note the mostly dark bill - I wonder where it has come from?

And why does this species always have to do something odd with its neck!?

I then wandered over to Blackhole Marsh.... WHAT A PLACE! Fraser has dropped the water levels by 6 inches, and in a few weeks he is going to drain it fully - this will be awesome! The best of what this new lagoon had to offer tonight was this....


And again

The full wader list was made up of: 1 Lapwing, the LRP, 1 Whimbrel, 1 Blackwit, 2 Greenshank, 3 Dunlin, 9 Green Sands and 3 Common Sands. Quite a list!

I'll finish this post with one more photo....

Two of the Dunlin allowed stupidly close approach.... great! : )

Moth trap's going out again tonight for the first time in a few days, fingers crossed for a goodie....

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