Monday, 15 June 2009

Various June Delights...

If you've already seen the first photo in this post, no there hasn't been a mix up, this IS my blog and not Karen's! I promise....just scroll down!!!

Some flowers

If you've read my mini-bio besides this post it states that "flowers don't do it for me". Well - that is very true, but I've always wanted to see Bee Orchids, and never have! Well, I'm sure I have because I've been to many places that must have them, I just haven't noticed them. So yesterday I stopped off in Honiton to see some. I didn't just see 'some' though... I saw loads and loads and LOADS!

One of the reasons I'm not so fond of flowers is because they are just too darn easy to photograph, they don't have wings for a start! Things with wings are much more challenging to snap and (for me anyway) much more rewarding. Still, as you can see I did take some photos of them, here's another snap....

Funny looking bees if you ask me!!

Ok, that's more than enough flora for me, some fauna now!

Last night I did another survey just over the border, Cuckoo and two Nightjars being the highlights. The sunset was nice though...

Sunset over Somerset

Now to today, and after a bit of a lie in, just thought to myself "right - I'm going to Dartmoor!". So I got up and drove!

The main reason for this was for a butterfly tick, Marsh Fritillaries. Bun and Karen had scored at this site the previous day, so knew it would be a near dead cert for today. Had at least eight in all, but the conditions were less than perfect.

Smart hey?

There were also stacks of Small Pearl-bordered Fritillaries about...

Also very lovely!

Bird highlights included several Cuckoos and Tree Pipits and singles of Redstart and Garden Warbler. I then came home!

Lots of work ahead of me this week and next, but hope to have another off patch jaunt on Friday if the weather holds...

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