Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Steve vs Moths part 2

What a night! Got up at 4am, collected all out-of-trap moths, then blocked the trap exits and switched the light off. It was a total success! A shame I had to go to work at 8 though...I could have stayed there all morning!

Now, I'm very much on the learning curve with moths. It goes without saying that there are several still unidentified moths from this morning, but so far I've Id'd 23 species - there were about 60 moths in all. Here's some of the highlights....I'll start with the big ones....

There were six Elephant Hawkmoths in all

And one
Poplar Hawkmoth

Lobster Moth

There were several of these -
White Satin

A Ghost Moth

Light Emerald

Brimstone Moth

Early Thorn

A Clouded Border

A Flame - not a Sword Grass like I first thought!

And this nice threesome, a Peppered Moth, a Grey Dagger and a Figure of Eighty

The most common ones were Heart and Dart and Buff Ermine. There were more than two of Bright Line Brown Eyes, Large Yellow Underwings, Spectacles and Dark Arches.

I'm going to stay clear of the micro-moths, but did note two each of Mini Magpie and Bird-cherry Ermine.

Lots of lovely moths! : )

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