Monday, 29 June 2009

Steve vs Moths Part 1

Went to bed all excited last night, with the house lit up like the Blackpool Tower thanks to the moth trap in our front garden!

Just after midnight it started drizzling, so I got up to check that the bulb wasn't getting wet. There were moths EVERYWHERE!! Including loads snuzzled up in the trap....result! So I went back to bed...(even more excited than I already was!)...

3:30 I wake up to very very VERY heavy rain - the trap had to be switched off, it was due to turn off in an hour anyway. I got a couple more hours of sleep before getting up just after 5am to sift through the contents of the trap.

Well, once I got out there shaking all the egg boxes, it didn't take long to remove all six moths!!! They'd all escaped! Well nearly all...this was one of the ones I stopped from getting away...

An Elephant Hawkmoth - lovely : )

Head on

Amongst the other five moths that didn't escape at some point between 00:30 and 05:00 were two Heart and Darts and one of my favourite common ones, a Buff-tip.

Or is it a twig?

Had a nice day of wedding preperations today, my Brother is getting wed in less than a week... well looking forward to it!!!

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