Sunday, 21 February 2021

More Meds

I am absolutely LOVING the gluttony of Med Gulls passing through the patch at the moment.  This afternoon out of my office window, nothing more than a modest gathering of gulls included seven of these beauts, one first-winter and six adults...

One of the adults was ringed. Yellow 2P44 looks to have been ringed in the UK, but I am waiting to hear exactly where and when...

Something I would love to know is just how rapid the turnover of Med Gulls currently is?  Yesterday I saw 19, today I saw nine in all - but how many of those nine were in yesterday's 19?  Well I can say that I didn't knowingly see 2P44 yesterday (although didn't see all their legs) and today I didn't see any of yesterday's four full summer plumaged adults or either of the two second-winters.

I suspect it's very rapid and wouldn't at all be surprised if most, if not all of today's birds were different to yesterday's.  And this theory is supported nicely by recent Lesser Black-backed Gull counts, last week I had 87 one day but no more than six the next!  

However rapid it is long may it continue!  Makes February a far more enjoyable month that's for sure :-)

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