Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Day Two

The raw east wind wind kept blowing all day today and with it came more wading birds.

Half an hour out this morning showed little new, except for a few more snowflakes and the Dunlin flock now numbering 38 (up from 24 the previous day).  

This afternoon Lapwing have been more numerous, and a last ditch look up the valley after work showed a neat little flock of 55 Golden Plover opposite Stedcombe Valley...

These golden beauties were a sure sign birds are reacting to the cold, but so far it's only really waders.  Still waiting for wildfowl to get going properly, although Clive had a couple of Brent Geese in-off today and Teal have been turning up in odd places, with a small flock on the lower Estuary outside my office all afternoon.  The local Wigeon however seem completely unfazed...

I won't lie, I wouldn't mind a diving duck or two out of this cold snap. And a good dumping of snow :-)


  1. We had 66 Dunlin on the Otter today which is a huge count for here!

    1. Result! Wouldn't mind a bit more variety here though to be honest, nothing like a mid winter Knot to really get the fire in my eyes